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26th Season line up
Jeff Blackwith Jesse Terry
Friday, September 20th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
A burly, bare-knuckled, blue-collar son of the Missouri plains, with dark Irish blood.
As a songwriter, he digs into tough topics with a gentle heart. Yet there's nothing predictable about a Jeff Black lyric other than it will be sung robustly, and it will head toward hope instead of dwell on despair.

His live shows are funny, moving and equally unpredictable. As one reviewer has written, "What makes a Jeff Black record or show exciting is that, as a listener, you know the singer is there not to perform for you, but to take you on a journey with him."

Black takes raw emotions and crafts them into lyrical stories. He says, "I love songs about freeing the spirit, and treating your individuality as something that's precious and important."

Those efforts have garnered reviews that are nothing short of spectacular. Drawing comparisons to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne, music writers have called Black "a musical genius," a "tremendous vocalist and writer," and a "holy-roller piano player and a blazing guitarist."

"Nothing short of brilliant. Top to bottom, this stuff is special. Black is an artist of substance." - Billboard Magazine

"Black wraps his vocals around the lyrics of (his) songs, bringing a warm resonance that shows he's lived with them." - Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr. - All Music Guide

Official Website: www.jeffblack.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Jesse Terry is an award-winning singer-songwriter and road warrior.

Touring relentlessly in support of his two full-length albums, he has shared festival stages with the likes of Mat Kearney, Shawn Mullins, Dar Williams, David Wilcox and Lori McKenna.

Terry has won Grand Prize in several international songwriting competitions, including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the CMT/NSAI Songwriting Competition, the OurStage.com 2012 Finals and the We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter awards. The esteemed "New Music Seminar" recently selected Terry as one of the Top 100 Unsigned "Artists on the Verge".

"Terry is a pop-folk troubadour whose style suits the coffeehouse rather than the Grand Ole Opry. A Berklee College of Music grad, he brings a sophisticated melodic touch to his tender musings about love and finding his place in the world," raves reviewer Michael McCall from Nashville Scene.

Matheson Kamin of Matheson's Entertainment sums up Jesse Terry's sound this way: "Take a little bit of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Paul Simon and you get some idea of what singer-songwriter Jesse Terry sounds like... From the first song to the last, Empty Seat on a Plane will finally give Jesse Terry the album needed to make him a household name."

"Great singer, great guitar player, great songwriter. The real deal." - Craig Carothers, singer/songwriter/troubadour

"Jesse Terry is one of the premier song writers of our generation, channeling a culmination of legendary influences." - Cardinal Playlists

Official Website: www.JesseTerryMusic.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
The Barn Birds(Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh)with Nels Andrews
Friday, October 18th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
Stellar songwriting meets crystalline vocals.
Jonathan Byrd and Chris Kokesh met as teachers at a song academy in Sisters Oregon in 2006. Enamored with Chris's fiddle playing and singing, Jonathan invited her to play with him at the Sisters Folk Festival that weekend. They played two encores, and the festival audience voted them the "Encore Performer" to return the following year.

The duo toured the Pacific Northwest and Midwest, and came back to Oregon to make their first recordings in a barn in Sisters. Jonathan and Chris had to stop recording when the birds in the walls erupted in song. Their name was born: They called themselves the Barn Birds.

Jonathan Byrd is a preacher's son, a Gulf War Navy veteran, and a seventh generation North Carolinian whose songs you likely have heard, even if you haven't heard Byrd sing them.

Chris Kokesh toured 14 years with the all-woman quartet Misty River, and helped create the signature vocal blend of this Northwest favorite. Chris's stunning songwriting, crystalline vocals, and her fiddle and guitar chops distinguish her as a stand-alone talent.

"Jonathan Byrd's songs just slay me. After each one, I feel like I've been transported to another world, like I've just read a really great book." - Paige Travis, Tennessee Shines Radio Show, WDVX

"Chris Kokesh is writing songs that stand up with the best." - Jeff Douglas of Oregon Public Broadcasting

Official Website: www.thebarnbirds.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Nels Andrews now makes his home in Santa Cruz, California, but he grew up all over the United States.

He sampled college life before being overcome by a growing wanderlust and split - hitchhiking to Alaska for a season in the fisheries, to South Dakota to plant trees in the Black Hills, before landing for spells in Taos, New Mexico and Brooklyn, New York.

In his travels, Andrews befriended all sorts of characters, especially the small town drunks and prophets, who colored his worldview. He took notes and hummed melodies, sat shyly with his guitar at campfires.

It was during his time on the western mesa, sitting around the campfires late nights that he drew on some courage to start playing the songs that had been growing slowly under the surface of his day-to-day. One such campfire led him to Kerrville Folk Festival, where he came out of nowhere with a homemade tape to win the New Folk songwriting contest. He has since earned awards from Telluride, Mountain Stage New Song and Falcon Ridge.

"He has the rare ability to conjure entire vistas and characters in no more that a couple of lines." -- Americana UK

Official Website: www.NelsAndrews.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Dar Williamswith Lucy Wainwright Roche
Saturday, November 9th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$28 advance | $31 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
A true leader of the new folk movement.
Dar Williams has played a major role in the resurgence of the New England folk scene.

Williams has been torn between her folkie instincts and the guilty pleasures of pop music for just as long as she's divided her songs between smart, witty character studies and explicitly activist political material.

Her love of folk stems from her admiration of its integrity toward honesty and real emotion, and a creative freedom not found in more popular music genres. An idiosyncratic songwriter with a unique, insightful perspective, Williams takes pains to avoid the coy and the quirky. Her songwriting and performing style has been compared to that of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, but with a few acidic and at times hilarious twists.

Nearly 20 years after her first album, her most recent release, In the Time of Gods confirms all this is still the case. However, with maturity Williams has been shifting the way these ingredients fit together, and musically In the Time of Gods uses pop textures to burnish material that still feels quiet and contemplative, even when the dynamics are at their most dramatic.

"Williams tells personal and political stories with wit and warmth, coming across as an old friend onstage. Dar aims for the brain and heart, and always scores a bull's-eye." - Elmore Magazine

Official Website: www.DarWilliams.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Lucy Wainwright Roche, daughter of well-known parents who sings with her own, true voice. Her father is singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III and her mother, Suzzy Roche, is one-third of the vocalist sister trio, the Roches.

When half-brother Rufus Wainwright invited Lucy to sing backup on his tour, she changed her focus from her career as an elementary school teacher to fulfill her destiny as a songwriter and performer. Since then, she has made her own mark as a Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist winner in 2008 and Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk winner in 2009.

One thing is clear: Lucy Wainwright Roche's voice is hers alone, telling stories of her views of the world. That voice, resonant and clear, "feels like a beacon of sorts, slicing straight through the room," wrote a reviewer in the New York Times.

Official Website: www.lucywainwrightroche.com
Song Samples: lucywainwrightroche.com/videos
The Stray Birdswith Rebecca Frazier
Friday, December 6th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
Jaw-dropping harmonies, expert musicianship, heart-wrenching songs.
The Stray Birds quickly have become one of the most in-demand bands of the Americana genre.

Their captivating sound lies in outstanding songwriting that soars in tight three-part harmony, drawing from the richness of American folk traditions.

Bandmates Oliver Craven, Maya de Vitry, and Charles Muench were raised on music within a few miles of farmland from each other in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their tangible passion for acoustic music is certainly a testament to three musically rich childhoods.

Maya and Oliver first shared a song in January 2010. Maya had just returned from Europe, where she'd been traveling by bike and train, making her way as a fiddling street performer. Oliver had been criss-crossing North America for two years as a harmony vocalist, fiddler, and guitarist for the Grammy-nominated Americana artist Adrienne Young. With their good friend Charles laying down the bass lines, The Stray Birds landed their sound.

"Super-talented acoustic trio whose virtuosity doesn't get in the way of their soul. Rich vocal harmonies, tight acoustic arrangements, heart-wrenching songs." - Fly Magazine

"The Stray Birds left a roomful of jaws dropped in amazement. They are superstars of new folk music." - Paige Travis, Tennessee Shines Radio Show, WDVX

Official Website: www.TheStrayBirds.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
For bluegrass artist Rebecca Frazier, the guitar has always been a means of transporting her, whether to a different state of mind, to a campfire bluegrass circle, or onto the stage of one of the hundred-plus festivals at which she has performed.

During an eight-year stay in Colorado, Rebecca co-founded Hit & Run Bluegrass, an award-winning, Boulder-based outfit, which made history by becoming the first band to win both prestigious band competitions at Rockygrass (2002) and Telluride Bluegrass Festival (2003).

By 2007, Rebecca had married and relocated to Nashville, where Hit & Run took advantage of a more centralized touring base. Months later, her husband John was offered a position in the John Cowan Band. "I knew I couldn't make the leap into motherhood while I was practically living on the interstate and at festivals." A baby boy was born and Hit & Run continued to tour, albeit not full-time. Rebecca continued her studio work and she used her spare time to write.

Her first solo release, When We Fall, is something different for Frazier: a collection of self-penned bluegrass and Americana songs.

"Rebecca has been steadily building a reputation as a first-rate flatpicker with the skills to hang with the bluegrass world's most accomplished guitarists, as guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the Colorado-based group, Hit & Run." - No Depression

Rebecca Frazier is a triple threat. She is a wonderfully engaging singer, a compelling songwriter and an accomplished guitarist to boot. All of these talents come together to dazzling effect on When We Fall. I'm proud of Rebecca for what she's achieved on this album, for her tenacity in pursuing her dream and for recording one of the best bluegrass albums I've heard this year. - Alison Brown

Official Website: www.rebeccafrazier.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
John Wort Hannamwith Drew Nelson
Saturday, January 18th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
An award-winning Canadian troubadour.
From the prairies in Southern Alberta comes one of Canada's best folk/roots songwriters, John Wort Hannam.

For five years John Wort Hannam taught grade 9 language arts on the largest reserve in Canada - The Kainai Nation, part of the Blackfoot Confederacy. But in 1997 he heard a Loudon Wainwright III record and was hooked by the music and stories. In 1998 he bought a guitar and learned some chords. In 2002 he quit teaching and began to pursue the dream of being a working musician.

John has achieved some fine accolades in a few short years including a mainstage performance at the 2009 Kerrville Folk Fest, three Grand Prizes at the Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Competition, and numerous nominations and awards. With comparisons to Gordon Lightfoot, James Keelaghan, and John Prine, John Wort Hannam is a born storyteller with a keen eye for the quirky and lyrics that create stories behind the songs.

"John Wort Hannam's classic story-songs have won many awards ... with good reason." - Sing Out!

"It seems like every time he opens his mouth he gets nominated for or wins an award." - Midwest Record

Official Website: www.JohnWortHannam.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Michigan-born Navy veteran Drew Nelson is a storytelling songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He writes as a witness to the lives and of those he has met in his world travels, mixing Americana and roots-rock with traditional folk styles.

Drew has toured across North America and Europe, performing solo and opening for popular rock artists like Melissa Etheridge and Edwin McCain as well as esteemed folk singers like Josh White Jr. and John Gorka.

Drew's latest release Tilt-A-Whirl draws from his years on the road. His songs feature a cast of characters from out-of-work war vets, forsaken lovers, to migrant workers and other directionless souls. Drew brings their sad and beautiful working class stories to life as they struggle to hold on to their hopes and dreams as they get jostled and spun like the carnival ride that lends it's name to this modern Americana classic.

When Drew is not on the road, he enjoys reading, rooting for the Detroit Tigers, doing hot yoga and working as an amateur luthier, building guitars and octave mandolins. He is also working on putting together a photography exhibition.

"Drew's songs sound like the rest of us feel. His characters are anything but defeated. They are dazed, angry, amazed and climbing." -- John Gorka

Official Website: www.DrewNelson.net
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
The Ragbirds - Special Family Show
Saturday, February 15th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$10 General | $5 Youth
3:00pm | Doors open at 2:30pm
Share a special musical experience with your whole family.
The Ragbirds are a joyful, eclectic, and energetic band fronted by multi-instrumentalist (and brand new mother) Erin "Ebird" Zindle.

Zindle, who has a totally accessible personality onstage and off, has always had a deep fondness for the songs of her childhood. She draws on these roots and the band's creative energy to bring new life to childhood favorites. Since 2008 it has become a yearly tradition for The Ragbirds to present a unique, family-friendly holiday show called "Ebird & Friends" in their home state of Michigan. The shows which feature an afternoon of music, dancing, and silliness consistently sell out.

Kids and adults alike will be entertained by this energetic performance.

Official Website: www.theragbirds.com
Song Samples:www.youtube.com
The Steel Wheelswith The Ragbirds
Saturday, February 15th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
The best of new Americana with a reinvigoration of traditional music.
From the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, The Steel Wheels bring a blend of bluegrass, old-time sing-alongs and foot-stompin' fiddle tunes.

The group formed in 2004 after lead singer Trent Wagler opened for guitarist/mandolin player Jay Lapp's band, the Goldmine Pickers. Brian Dickel on upright bass and Eric Brubaker on fiddle complete the quartet. Wagler's voice has been compared to Darrell Scott and John Fogerty and is often accentuated by the group's delicate four-part gospel-esque harmonies.

"Imagine a blend of the passion of the Avett Brothers and the instrumentals of Old Crow Medicine Show, then sprinkle in the backwoods feel of The Legendary Shack Shakers," says John Walker from Americana Roots. This string band's pickin' is tight and their energy is contagious.

In line with the theme of getting back to their roots, the band created the Red Wing Roots Music Festival. The three-day event, which takes place in the Shenandoah Valley, includes the best of today's neo-traditional artists. The festival takes its name from the old tune "Red Wing", which Wagler learned from his grandfather and brought to the band with new lyrics.

"Imagine a blend of the passion of the Avett Brothers, the instrumentals of Old Crow Medicine Show, and then sprinkle in the backwoods feel of The Legendary Shack Shakers" - John Walker, Americana Roots

"The Steel Wheels break down some bluegrass stereotypes, bringing youth and thoughtfulness to a vibrant American art form." - Rich Warren, Folkstage WFMT

Official Website: www.TheSteelWheels.com
Song Samples:www.youtube.com
The Ragbirds are an energetic, eclectic band hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The five-piece outfit describes themselves as a "fusion of folk rock and pop hooks over danceable world rhythms stirred with a Celtic fiddler's bow." If that sounds like a tall order, it is. But the band, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Erin Zindle, with guitarist T.J. Zindle, bassist Brennan Duncan Andes, and drummers / percussionists Randall Moore and Loren Kranz deliver.

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Erin studied classical violin as a child before writing songs when she was a teenager. She credits Paul Simon as one of her early influences, so expect to hear contemporary music that draws on world music sounds with multilayered melodies. In the Nashville Scene, M.T. Richards writes that her lyrics, sung in her "honey-marinated voice", "ponder all the big themes: ill-considered love, impenetrable lust."

Official Website: www.theragbirds.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Carrie Newcomerwith Krista Detor
Friday, March 14th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
The intersection of the spiritual and the daily, the sacred and the ordinary.
Carrie Newcomer's music explores the intersection of the spiritual and the daily, the sacred and the ordinary.

Over the course of her career she has become a prominent voice for progressive spirituality, social justice and interfaith dialogue. Her ability for sharp observation of the world lead the Dallas Morning News to rave, "She's the kind of artist whose music makes you stop, think and then say, 'that is so true.'"

She has been described as "a soaring songstress" by Billboard, a "prairie mystic" by the Boston Globe and Rolling Stone has declared that Newcomer "asks all the right questions." Author Barbara Kingsolver wrote, "She's a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend and lover, minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope and grace."

Newcomer sings about serious subjects with clarity and elegance, and a healthy measure of good humor and self-awareness, with a voice the Austin Statesman has called "as rich as Godiva chocolate." Her music resonates with Appalachian and classical influences, and is punctuated with adept guitar work and powerful but intimate vocals.

"I love Carrie Newcomer. She writes and sings abut what is most personal to her and in doing so she speaks to the wider world." - Mary Chapin Carpenter

"A soaring songstress" - Billboard

Official Website: www.carrienewcomer.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Krista Detor is a critically-lauded, award-winning songwriter whose work has reached audiences across the globe. Her songwriting has been compared to that of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen and was called "a small miracle" by Rolling Stone.

Detor got her start signing on the LA wedding circuit at the age of 16. She has since achieved national and international prominence, including number one on the Euro-Americana Chart and placement within the Top 10 of the U.S. Folk and Independent Music charts. She regularly tours Europe, Canada and the United States with her partner and producer, David Weber.

A versatile and prolific artist, Detor has footprints in several arenas; her own singing and songwriting, theatre and choral work, and even academia. She also has participated in interesting collaborations with other artists, including the Darwin Song Project, which celebrated the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin in song and Wilderness Plots: Songs and Stories of the Prairie, a collection of songs inspired by a book by Indiana author Scott Russell Sanders.

"The intimacy of the songs... makes you feel as if Detor sings only for you. [You] will be won over after listening only once." -- De Morgen, Belgium

"One of the finest singer-songwriters I've run across in years." -- Carrie Newcomer

Official Website: www.kristadetor.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
An Evening with Richard Shindell
Friday, April 4th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$25 advance | $28 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
A meticulous craftsman of song.
An expatriate New Yorker now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Richard Shindell is a meticulous craftsman of song.

Innovative, original and occasionally spiritual, Shindell's songs weave tales that interchangeably champion the downtrodden, exalt the disaffected or express empathy to those lost to society's fringes.

Shindell's background is as varied as the characters he sings about. While in college, he formed a band with friend John Gorka. He lived for a while in a Zen Buddhist monastery. He has played for coins in the underground Metro stations of Paris. And he studied philosophy and religion at Union Theological Seminary.

In addition to building a loyal fan base, Shindell has earned overwhelming critical success. He has been called "a master of subtle narrative" by The Wall Street Journal, "a master builder of songs" by The Boston Globe, and has been described as having "the voice of a master" by The Los Angeles Daily News. Richard Shindell: Master, indeed.

Official Website: www.richardshindell.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Danny Schmidtwith Robby Hecht
Saturday, April 26th
Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
A torch-bearer of the Texas songwriting tradition.
Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter, Danny Schmidt has built an enthusiastic following while simultaneously inspiring the admiration of his fellow artists and critical acclaim from industry professionals.

It's his songwriting which won him the prestigious Kerrville New Folk award, but it's his intense live performances that leave listeners with a sense that each of his songs is necessary, plain and simple. His guitar work is effortless and sparkling, his arrangements are fresh and unpredictable, his voice ageless.

Stylistically and musically, Danny's writing spans an impressively diverse reach, from deeply-rooted Appalachian mountain gospel to haunted English balladry, from syncopated Piedmont country blues to vagabond 60's protest folk-stumpery.

He tackles universal themes of love, loss, longing, restless discontent and grateful joy. And he captures both the sorrow and the beauty inherent in our everyday lives with the wisdom of a perceptive, compassionate elder and with the innocent awe and tenderness of a child.

"The most brilliant young songwriter I've heard in the past 25 years. His songs are thrillingly poetic." - Rich Warren, The Midnight Special

"He is perhaps the best new songwriter I've heard in the last 15 years." -- Rich Warren, Sing Out" Magazine

Official Website: www.dannyschmidt.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Robby Hecht is a romantic realist.

He writes melodic and captivating songs that don't shy away from the complexity of human relationships and delivers them with a smooth tenor that evokes both sorrow and hope. His new record, and second solo effort, takes the listener through a broad spectrum of emotions touching on forgiveness, love, indifference, joy, self-doubt and more. He writes with an honesty that captures the truth of a sentiment, building allegorical themes that allow anyone to relate the songs to the experiences of his or her own life.

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee and raised on his parents' record collection of 1970's singer/songwriters, Robbie Hecht early on discovered his musical vocation.

After attending college in Wisconsin and playing music in Paris and San Francisco, Hecht returned to Tennessee and settled in Nashville to focus on his career. His intensive touring and songwriting, including appearances with Richie Havens, Greg Brown, and Patty Griffin, have garnered him prizes and praise.

"A beautiful, soulful voice..." - Jeff Coffin, Dave Matthews Band

"Fine textures, fetching melodies and sifted-smooth lyrics." - Nashville Scene

Official Website: www.robbyhecht.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Edie Careywith Rj Cowdery
Saturday, May 17th
Columbus Performing Arts Center (Shedd Theater)
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
Smart tales of love, life, and longing.
Edie Carey is known for her unmistakable soulful voice and intelligent, heart-grabbing songs, but perhaps most especially for her warm, engaging presence on- and off-stage.

As much a part of her show as the music itself, Edie's wry and often self-mocking humor makes audiences feel as though they have just spent an evening with a very close friend.

Born in Burlington, Vermont and raised in the Boston suburbs by her English teacher father, therapist mother, and poet stepmother, Edie couldn't help but learn to love words. Time in Italy learning Italian and guitar bolstered her appreciation for the sonorous quality of words, while back home, her time spent playing the campus and coffeehouse circuit enabled her to build a strong following.

Carey realized she had "accidentally" ended up exactly where she was supposed to be. Somehow, all of life's seemingly unrelated turns have always managed to steer Edie Carey toward music. Looking back, she has to wonder if maybe this wasn't an accident at all.

"Carey may have started out wanting to be a doctor but she found her true calling in music. Her pop-folk songs are smart tales of love, life and longing." - Chicago Sun-Times

"Far from common, Edie Carey is a young female artist that deserves the recognition of being a bright spot in the pop world." - Smother.net

Official Website: www.ediecarey.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Rj Cowdery is a Columbus-based artist who has solidified her place as a standout of the next generation of performing songwriters.

Though she wrote her first songs as a teenager, Cowdery took a circuitous path to becoming a full-time artist. She experienced exciting creative breakthroughs followed by distractions and obligations that took her away from her lifelong dream of being a professional singer/songwriter. But it has all paid off in recent years.

Cowdery's past few years on the folk festival trail have been nothing short of extraordinary. She has received major accolades at some of the most prestigious festivals in the U.S., including wins at the 2007 Mountain Stage NewSong, 2008 Kerrville New Folk, and 2008 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist competitions. Most recently, she won the Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest at the Sisters Folk Festival in Oregon.

Her most recent release In This Light has been met with rave reviews from critics, fans, and her fellow artists.

"There is no possible way to listen to Rj Cowdery's music and not feel deeply. The tone of her voice, the clarity of her guitar and spot on emotive lyrics plumb the depths of human hope and struggle. These are not just songs, they are arrows shot directly to center of the heart". - Joe Crookston

Official Website: www.rjcowdery.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com