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Dar Williamswith Harvey Wasserman
Saturday, November 12th
King Arts Complex
$30 advance | $33 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
Return to MORTAL CITY The 20th Anniversary Tour. Full Album Being Played in its Entirety...plus other favorites
Dar Williams is major contributor the modern folk scene. The fact that twenty years after the release of her breakthrough album, the songs of Mortal City remain relevant is a testament to her skill as a songwriter.

Williams has been torn between her folkie instincts and the guilty pleasures of pop music for just as long as she's divided her songs between smart, witty character studies and explicitly activist political material.

Her love of folk stems from her admiration of its integrity toward honesty and real emotion, and a creative freedom not found in more popular music genres. An idiosyncratic songwriter with a unique, insightful perspective, Williams takes pains to avoid the coy and the quirky. Her songwriting and performing style has been compared to that of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, but with a few acidic and at times hilarious twists.

"Williams tells personal and political stories with wit and warmth, coming across as an old friend onstage. Dar aims for the brain and heart, and always scores a bullseye." - Elmore Magazine

Official Website: www.darwilliams.com
Song Samples: I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything
Dar Williams has handpicked notable authors, writers and poets to open each concert of her Return to MORTAL CITY tour.

"Authors and poets show the strengths of our democracy," Dar explains on her choice to include writers as support on this run. "These are people who have connected the mortal city through words and poetry and the sharing of beautifully expressed ideas. The people who are coming to speak represent that strength: the strength of our democracy through its culture. They all embrace democracy in different ways... the pen being mightier than the sword."

Lifelong activist Harvey Wasserman's 20 books include SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH, the first fully-realized vision of a peaceful, socially-just humankind powered entirely by renewable energy and organic technologies. The vision inspired the song SOLARTOPIA written with Pete Seeger and David Bernz, sung with Dar Williams, appearing on the Grammy-winning TOMORROW'S CHILDREN from Appleseed Records.

Harvey has worked for peace, civil rights and ecological sanity since 1962, when, at age 17 (as a junior at Eastmoor High School) he marched to (successfully) desegregate a roller rink in central Ohio.

Since 2004 Harvey has taught history and cultural diversity at Columbus State Community College and Capital University. He edits www.nukefree.org and is senior editor of www.freeepress.org. His writings appear throughout the internet at Reader Supported News, EcoWatch and numerous other websites.
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